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Healthy Trees are Beautiful Trees

Your landscape is your oasis. Nourish it with our comprehensive tree and shrub care services including: expert pruning, removal of hazardous trees, selective limb removal and thinning, stump grinding, cabling and bracing, pest control, plant disease evaluation and treatment, and fertilization and soil care.


Healthy trees are beautiful trees, so contact us now for a free estimate.

Tree Services
Outdoor Pest Control
Fertilization & Soil Care
  • Tree removal

  • Removal of dangerous dead wood

  • Thinning (or heading back) of tree canopy

  • Raising limbs or removing sucker growth

  • Fruit tree pruning 

  • Repairing splits or cabling and bracing

  • Cutting away decayed wood

  • Wound repair

  • Treatment for disease and fungal infections

  • Pest and soil management

  • Soil and leaf analysis

  • Installation of lightning protection systems

  • Stump grinding and removal

  • Pest and freeze protection for evergreens and shrubbery

  • Landscape management for irrigation and overall health


Healthy trees are beautiful trees.

  • Managing  ornamental shrubs and trees

  • Inject trees over 4" diameter and higher than 25 feet to prevent drift of pesticides

  • Shrubbery under 25 feet tall managed with sprays

  • Bait control for rodents

  • Keeping up with pests from your neighborhood with pheromone traps

  • Recommend herbicides for weed control in landscapes and walkways and driveways


Staying on top of pest control problems is our priority.

  • Evaluate for soil deficiencies

         Micronutrient injections           and liquid feeding

  • Organic and chemical fertilizers

  • Irrigation timers repair and installation

  • Tree dry and liquid feeding

  • Irrigation management and supervision

  • Irrigation line repair

Athens Tree and Shrub can work with your commercial facility manager to maintain the beauty and health of trees, shrubs and soil in your apartment complex, business, or shopping center.


Leave your outdoor plant management to us so your facility manager can focus on more important things.

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